I don't like this!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Laura Hanson (Stevensville, Michigan)
Highly recommended, great communication, great customer service and great price. Goes above and beyond...also very thorough with training!!
Tricia Yack (Stevensville, Michigan)
All three of the girls are now accustom to the new fence. We've even had some joggers go by witch previously just too much for them to resist without running into the road. I wish we had done ...
Kevin Waldrop (Berrien Center, Michigan)
Love it and you guys are great to work with. I love watching the dogs play and run around the yard.
Kelly Boken (South Bend, Indiana)
Pet Stop has changed our dogs and the way we interact with them. It is great.
Maxine Wantuch (St. Joseph, Michigan)

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Researchers have turned to the popular video-sharing site YouTube to study the complex issue of dog bites.

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Play Safe Pet Fencing
Invisible Fence® Pet Containment Alternative

Your pet is a beloved member of the family and they deserve the same freedom and security as you - why keep them cooped up all day when you can give them room to run and play to their heart's content? Play Safe Pet Fencing provides professional installations of Pet Stop® brand electronic dog & cat fencing, the best pet containment system available on the market. As your local pet fencing experts, we've helped keep hundreds of dogs and cats safely and securely contained, while allowing them to play and get the exercise they need. Play Safe Pet Fencing also provides unparalleled customer service and support, and even provides independent support for Invisible Fence® brand systems and most other underground pet fencing systems

Contact Play Safe Pet Fencing today to find out how we can help keep your pet happy and healthy! 

Proudly Serving the Following Counties:
Berrien County, MI / Cass County, MI
St. Joseph County, IN / Elkhart County, IN/ LaGrange County, IN / Kosciusko County, IN

Electronic Pet Containment Products

Pet Stop® brand electronic dog and cat fencing is the fastest growing pet containment company in the industry! All of our products are 100% made in the USA, by people who geniuinely care about the happiness and safety of your pet. That's why we use only the best quality materials and the latest technologies, built by pet fencing industry leaders and backed with our unmatched quality guarantee. When you buy Pet Stop® electronic dog fencing products, you know you're getting a reliable product, built to last and made by experts.

Humane Underground Dog Fence Training

Only Pet Stop® provides the unique, modern approach to dog fence training, GentleSteps™. By using this revolutionary training method, we take the stress out of pet fence training. Extremely pet-friendly, we use extremely gentle, low levels of correction to teach your dog or cat their new boundaries, without the use of traumatizing electric whallops. We'll also walk you through the entire process from start to finish - we want our customers to be pet fencing experts, just like us!

Invisible Fence® Compatible Products and Service

Though we are not affiliated with Invisible Fence®, Play Safe Pet Fencing can provide independent service and support for Invisible Fence® brand systems. In addition, we have Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and receivers. If you need help with your Invisible Fence® system (or any other brand of underground electronic dog fencing system), contact your local pet fencing experts at Play Safe Pet Fence!

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